Saturday, November 20, 2010

A busy, exercise filled week!

Well we certainly got back on track this week. After recovering fully from Strep (it took a while) and bracing ourselves for some cold-ass mornings, we got back on it and slotted ourselves right back into the Shamrock Half Marathon training schedule for beginners.

At the start of the week Mark and I could both feel how we had been out of the game for a few weeks. We took more frequent breaks, and it took longer than usual to do our run.

So the past few days we did the following
Saturday - Run 2 miles
Sunday - walk 2 miles
Monday -Run 2 miles
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - Run 2 miles
Thursday - Yoga 30 minutes
Friday - Run 2 miles

And the plan for today, in line with the schedule, is to go and do our first "long" run of 3 miles. We are yet to decide whether to hit up the W&OD trail, or whether to plot out a 3 mile circuit on google maps.

I will keep you informed on how it went!

On a side note, Mark and I went to a new Mexican restaurant in Leesburg Market Station last night, and it was brilliant! Service was speedy yet unobtrusive; the drinks were delicious and the food was sooooo good. We both opted for the lamb fajitas which were very very good. I LOVE FOOD! And maybe one day I will love running as much!

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